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Raptots Challenge Acheron Mammoths

Prepare yourself for that fourth and final high-level Slayer monster included in November's Raptor's Challenge: Acheron mammoths!Head to Gielinor's frozen north together with your best gear to RS G...

Clan Cup Registration Now Open

Registration for that Clan Cup has become OPEN! To register your clan, your clan leader must both post an answer towards the Clan Cup Leader Confirmation thread and complete the shape found here.Pl...

Treasure Hunter Novtumber Festival

It's time for you to celebrate the natural glory of Gielinor a few days ago using the Novtumber Festival – only on RS GoldTreasure Hunter.From 00:00 UTC on 19th November until 23:59 UTC on 23rd Nov...

Premier Club Coming 30th November

Premier Club can be obtained to purchase from RS Gold30th November! It's the best method to benefit from the fantastic content visiting RuneScape in 2016 – and get a lot of exclusive extras too.Gol...

Raptors Challenge Camel Warriors

Gielinor's the place to find beings of sizes and shapes, but camel warriors are probably the strangest – and deadliest.Find them around the island just east of RS GoldSophanem and claim the amount ...

Treasure Hunter Divine Simulacrum Outfits

Collect divine simulacrum outfits on Treasure Hunter to have an opportunity of double memories and chronicles, and many handy teleports.Combine the three for your elder simulacrum outfit, which fur...

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